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    Group culture

    Group Culture

    Group culture

    Enterprise philosophy: Attitude is everything;

    Enterprise purpose: To put people first and maximize economic and social benefits;

    Enterprise spirit: Solidarity, dedication, refinement and innovation;

    Business Ethics: To win trust with honesty and achieve success through trust;;

    Enterprise style: Emulate those better than oneself and speak less but quick to do more;

    Core values: Work together with one heart and cooperate with each other for win-win outcomes;;

    Learning concept: The ability to learn spurs development;

    Quality concept: Always stand on the side of the customer, and tailor products to satisfaction of customers;

    Management philosophy: Meticulous process for satisfactory results;

    Talent concept: Warm-heartedness and love more important than diploma, dedication and industry more important than proficiency, and loyalty and responsibility more important than abilities;

    Business concept: To adapt to the changing situation with changing measures, to create wealth on the strength of talented people and to prosper the enterprise with innovations;

    Marketing concept: Customers are always right;

    Cost concept: To strive for optimal quality at the lowest cost.