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  • The pickling-rolling combined unit is a large-scale wide-band steel high-speed cold tandem rolling production line, which applies a number of today’s leading technologies, including laser welders, stretch-leveling and scale breaking machines, shallow groove turbulent pickling equipment, and high-precision double-tower edge trimming equipment , Laser tachometer, high-precision six-high HC rolling mill, AGC automatic thickness control and profile closed-loop control, all-digital AC frequency conversion drive in one, the rolling speed of the unit is 1500 m/min. It has the characteristics of high quality, high efficiency and low consumption, and its equipment technology has reached the international advanced level.

    1) Form: Two bends and one correction;

    2) Maximum elongation ≥ 4% (control accuracy is ±0.1%);

    3) Fast opening of the upper work roll (to avoid scratching the roll surface by the weld) and quick roll change function;

    4) Good shape correction ability, descaling and dust-proof effect and equipment maintenance performance.